Monster Drawing Rally

Thank you to everyone who attended Monster Drawing Rally on Saturday, December 14, 2019.

A special thanks to all the artists who participated:

Brooklyn Allen, Alison Auditore, Katie Baines, Black Belt Jones, Shaylen Broughton, S. Ross Browne, Nicholas Candela, Nico Cathcart, Leigh Anne Chambers, Amy Chan, Genesis Chapman, Tom Chenoweth, Abby Davis, Jamie Douglas, Tiffany Ferreira, Karen Freidt, Dana Frostick, Carole Garmon, Josh George, Jenna Guthrie, Sue Heatley, Emily Herr, Morgan Herrin, Mary Holland, Rosemary Kate Jesionowski, Erek Jones, Aimee Joyaux, Adah Kanter, Nicole Killian, Matthew Klimas, Natasha Kovacs, Amelia Langford, Lindsey Leach, Jonathan Lee, Nava Levenson, Matthew Lively, Sylvio Lynch III, Chris Mahonski, Wade Mickley, Harrison Moenich, Andrew Moore, Amie Oliver, Sam Page, Lindsey Parnell, Alfonso Perez, Michael Pierce, Michael-Birch Pierce, Charles Piper, Jason Quarles, Susannah Raine-Haddad, Devon Raines, Travis Robertson, Charlotte Rodenberg, Dallas Roquemore, Kevin Sabo, Shawn Saharko, Diego Sanchez, Anne Savedge, Janet Scagnelli, Ralf Schulze, Mary Scurlock, Jon-Phillip Sheridan, Susan Singer, Amy Smith, Renee Stramel, Leigh Suggs, Pam Sutherland, Wesley Taylor, James Thornhill, Heide Trepanier, Mark Trezise, Kendra Wadsworth, Ron Walton, Hal Weaver, Katrin Wilcox, Dennis Winston, Michael Young, and Aggie Zed


Originally conceived by Southern Exposure in San Francisco, Monster Drawing Rally is a live art event featuring approximately 60 artists. The event consists of 3 one-hour shifts with up to 20 artists working simultaneously each hour. Once an artist completes a drawing, it will be hung on the wall for viewing. Visitors may purchase completed works of art for $65 each.

Part performance, part art-bazaar, part party, Monster Drawing Rally offers Richmonders the rare opportunity to watch their favorite local artists at work. Monster Drawing Rally is also a fundraiser that raises general operating support for 1708 Gallery. Drawings sold during the event are a full donation to 1708 Gallery.

Please stay tuned for information about 1708 Gallery's 11th annual Monster Drawing Rally in December 2020.